EagleEye ProMax 4K Ultra HD Camera Its In A Remarkable

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This high-performance 4K Ultra HD camcorder boasts low-light optimization, intelligent stabilization, and a Waterproof Design, enabling you to capture clear and steady footage in any condition.

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4K Ultra HD Resolution

See the world in breathtaking clarity with 4K Ultra HD Resolution. Unleash true-to-life visuals, where every pixel matters. Experience Resolution—transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Low-light Optimization

Our advanced camera boasts a pioneering feature that actively enhances image quality in dim conditions. By leveraging sophisticated light sensitivity adjustments, it captivates even the faintest details, turning twilight scenes into vivid narratives. This  technology doesn’t just compensate for darkness; it thrives in it, ensuring your indoor events are illuminated with stunning clarity, twice as effective in capturing the ambiance without the need for artificial lighting. Whether you’re documenting a sunset on the beach or capturing a candlelit dinner, expect unparalleled performance that retains the authenticity of every moment, all thanks to its relentless capability.

Intelligent Stabilization

Transform your adventures—Intelligent Stabilization keeps shots steady, even during high-speed chases. This technology predicts and counters shakes, doubling down on stability for Resolution videos. Make every frame a masterpiece with relentless Intelligent Stabilization.

Wi-Fi Connectivity & Cloud Backup

With integrated Wi-Fi, the EagleEye ProMax keeps you connected, enabling instant sharing of your creative masterpieces. Pair it with our intuitive mobile app for remote control functionality and immediate uploading to the cloud. This not only ensures your memories are beautifully captured but also securely stored and easily accessible from anywhere around the world.

Waterproof Design

Fear no depths with the EagleEye ProMax’s waterproof build, rated for submerged adventures up to 30 meters.  From tropical reefs to rainforest waterfalls, explore the aquatic world with confidence and capture its wonders in stunning 4K.

Transform mundane into magical with time-lapse capabilities that compress hours into captivating seconds. Complement this with dramatic slow-motion sequences, freezing fleeting moments in striking clarity for a truly immersive narrative.Revolutionize your videos—AI Tracking predicts motion, keeping subjects centered. From wildlife to sports, it nails each shot.

Enhance every sequence with smart AI Tracking, ensuring your vision stays sharp and on point.The heart of superior imagery. Captures colors true to life, enhancing every detail. Transform scenes with depth, clarity—Professional-grade Lens, excellence redefined.Unleash visual impact—our lenses harness light, painting vivid worlds. Each element meticulously crafted, for images that resonate.

See the difference a Professional-grade Lens makes, twice the clarity in every frame.Depth and dimension come alive—expect nothing less than spectacular. With precision optics, every story shines. Sharpness from corner to corner, credit to the Professional-grade Lens, twice the artistic potential unlocked.Colors bloom naturally, contrast deepened. Our lenses separate hues with finesse, revealing hidden beauty. A true testament to the power of Professional-grade Lens technology, enriching every capture twice over.

4K Ultra HD Resolution Low-light Optimization Waterproof Design Intelligent Stabilization


重量 2 公斤
尺寸 100 × 80 厘米

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